Nights Out in London - Going Out in Style

Whether you are visiting London for a business trip, studying on a course, or going on a vacation, you will probably want to go out on some evenings and experience the famous night-life of Britain's greatest city. London has been England's centre of trade and commerce since the Middle Ages and as such, has always been famed for its atmosphere by night.

Ye Olde Englyshe Pubbe

The capital has a huge range of historic and modern establishments that you can have a pint at, catch up with your mates, or even attend many different live shows. The Mayflower is one of the historic pubs in London and has been there since the 1600s, when the famous ship that went to the United States was docked nearby on the Thames. In addition, there are many other sites that you can visit all along the Thames Path.

Other famous pubs that you can go to in London are Zeitgeist, Sir Richard Steele, The Earl Ferrers, The Palm Tree and The Faltering Fullback.

Theatre and Musicals

Just about any theatre production or musical, whether traditional or contemporary, is put on in London. As one of the cultural and arts capitals of the world, there are many international productions there as well. The mainstream professional theatre in London is known by the term 'West End theatre' and an average of 15 million people visit these shows every year.

Some shows have been running in London for many decades, such as The Mousetrap, Les Miserables, The Phantom of the Opera, The Woman in Black, Cats, Chicago and Mamma Mia!

When you go out in London, you can visit many famous theatres, including the reconstructed Globe, which was celebrated for being the work place of Shakespeare. Other historic establishments in London are the Apollo Victoria, Criterion, Piccadilly, New London and the Palace Theatre.

Celebrity Spotting in London

Another favourite past time of tourists visiting London is to spot the celebrities who may also be enjoying the night-life. There are many high-profile restaurants, clubs, and dance halls where celebrities like to hang out. At key times during international film festivals such as the Academy Awards or Cannes, the clubs can be filled with famous entertainers, musicians, comedians, and actors. Many of these clubs are difficult to get into unless you have an invitation, but you can hang out with the paparazzi outside and catch a glimpse of your favourite stars.

Annabel's Club has hosted Kate Moss and the Queen, while Prince William and Uma Thurman have visited Boujis and The Box is a preferred party place for Prince Harry.

The Ministry of Sound is a three-tiered bar and dance floor that has 5,000 people visiting every weekend. They are the loudest and most raucous party in London so it pays to visit at least once in a lifetime! Fabric is another club that is worth going to because of their unique sound system, where the bass comes up through the dance floor beneath party-goers. Club Aquarium offers a unique swimming pool and Jacuzzi experience for clients and you can also visit other famous clubs such as KOKO, Heaven, EGG, Rhythm Factory and Corsica Studios.

Endless Talent

If parties are not your thing and you would rather go to a club with a live show, then there are many thousands to choose from. You can see all the latest comedy shows, from professional mainstream comedians such as Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais, to younger entertainers doing stand-up at local bars and clubs hoping to break into the industry.

If you visit one of the many cabarets in London, you will not only be treated to a stunning live show, but be able to enjoy a full dining experience while you watch. With thousands of meals to choose from, London offers a unique blend of international culture, cuisine and entertainment for anyone who is enjoying the night-life.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Tea Houses

Places to buy food and refreshments are also open into the late hours in London. This means that no matter when you get out of your party, theatre show, cinema, or live show, you will always be able to get whatever food you want. Traditional English fine dining, European cuisine, Asian cooking, Middle-Eastern, African and Indian are just some of the many foods available in many affordable locations serving fantastic meals.

Regardless of why you are visiting London and no matter how long you are staying, make sure that you take out time for at least a couple of nights to enjoy the unique atmosphere and urban life of the city. London is a hustle and bustle of business and tourism during the day, but it takes on a completely different character during the night and you will not want to miss it!