Dining Out In Central London

London has some of the best restaurants in Europe, if not the world. Of course, dining out in the capital of the UK is not always a high-class thing to do. There are plenty of fast food outlets, cafes and run-down pubs which serve food. However, London has more than its fair share of top-notch restaurants and bistros. Although they are spread out all over the city, it is central London which has the best ones and the greatest number. If you are looking for a unique and pleasant dining experience, then there are few better places you could look. All food styles from around the globe are catered for, with specialist chefs working in all styles of cuisine.

Covent Garden

Right in the heart of London, Covent Garden is hugely popular with tourists and Londoners alike. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, on West Street, is a typical example of the upmarket restaurants that you can expect in this part of the city. Of course, the menu is French - just as you might expect - but the food here often throws up twists on traditional classics. The cod set in a boulliabase sauce is certainly worth coming here for in its own right.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials, situated on Langley Street, is another typically good restaurant of the Covent Garden area. The accent here is on beef - it is nothing more than an upmarket steakhouse, in truth. However, there are seafood options and plenty of pork cuts on the menu as well. Try the wonderful cocktails here as the perfect aperitif, to get you in the mood.

Just a short distance away is Flesh & Buns, a Japanese restaurant. The oriental theme extends to the wonderful décor and you will also find plenty of Korean dishes on the menu, too. Located in a basement, the restaurant is famous for hirata buns which are steamed and stuffed with all sorts of savoury treats like robata grilled sea bass.

The West End

There are simply too many good restaurants to mention in the West End. To eat relatively cheaply try heading to Chinatown, just of Shaftesbury Avenue, where the selection of Chinese restaurants beats anything that you might find in any other UK city. For a traditional English tea, try the Ritz or the Savoy, both of which offer this early evening service.

However, if you are seeking a British style evening menu, then try Berner's Tavern in Fitzrovia. Here, the contemporary dining experience includes Orkney scallop carpaccio as well as char-grilled quail served with Alsatian bacon and smoky tomato jam. The Baccleuch estate beef is carefully prepared on a charcoal grill and this is one of the chef's real highlights.

Dabbous, on Whitfield Street, is another contemporary restaurant, this time specialising in the modern European style. Expect lots of odd, but mouth watering, flavour combinations such as goat's cheese broth and veal rump served with chrysanthemum leaves. There is also a fabulous chocolate brioche which makes for the perfect pudding.

The City

Catering for many office workers in London's financial district, the City's restaurants are often busier at lunch time than they are during the evening. If you want to eat lunch in the City, then it is advisable to book ahead - quite the reverse from the West side of the capital.

Right in the heart of the City, on Old Broad Street, City Social is a great restaurant located in a huge tower block. There are art deco-inspired interior design touches all over the restaurant, which belies the fact that you are in an utterly modern building. It offers stunning views of the capital's skyline. Food-wise, the style is modern European, with plenty of in-season produce that adds to the fresh feel.

This incredible variety and quality makes entertaining clients a breeze for any companies located in the prime business locations of Central London.