Dining Out In North London

Some of the restaurants in North London are among the best in the capital and there is a huge range of world cuisines on offer. Every part of the globe seems to be represented somewhere in North London - from Nepalese cuisine to classic French - and this accurately reflects the cultural diversity of this portion of the city. North London has many top quality independent restaurants, not just the high street chain eateries that are found in any town centre in the UK. Of course there are still a plethora of fast food outlets, not all of the best quality. That said, fine dining experiences as well as excellent yet affordable gastropubs and bistros are to be found in nearly every borough in North London.

Afghan Kitchen

As a typical example of the affordable world cuisine available in North London, Afghan Kitchen's no-nonsense cooking style is based on homemade dishes. The menu isn't huge - just three meat dishes, one fish option and four vegetarian plates - but that is because what is on offer has been perfected and there's no good reason to add to it. Their soft aubergine curry melts in the mouth and the slices of orange pumpkin served in a savoury yoghurt marinade is a popular option. The food here is designed to be shared, so try it out in the company of friends.

35 Islington Green London N1 8DU
020 7359 8019

Gaucho Hampstead

Situated in one of the leafier suburbs of North London, Gaucho Hampstead is an enjoyable place to dine. The dining space is something a bit more upmarket than many other North London restaurants, but it retains a relaxed and cheerful South American atmosphere, with a particularly noticeable vibe on the weekends. When weather permits there is an outdoor barbeque, and as you might expect from the name, steaks are the house speciality.

64 Heath Street, London NW3 1DN
020 7431 8222


This Turkish restaurant is one of the best in the capital and really makes the case for Turkish food being among the world's premier cuisines. Situated close to Finsbury Park and Green Lanes, Gökyüzü is reasonably priced but the helpings are large. Try the lamb stew which seems to be unbelievably tender, and is especially enjoyable when ordered with the restaurant's home baked bread which is perfect for dipping in it.

26-27 Grand Parade, Green Lanes N4 1LG
020 8211 8406

Cuban Camden

Located in the trendy Stables Market, Cuban Camden delivers a superb atmosphere night after night. Indeed, it encapsulates the spirit of island life perfectly in terms of its delicious food. The interior is casual and engaging, with exposed brickwork and a huge bar. It is the perfect place to enjoy a mojito, and the bar stocks over 100 varieties of rum.

Chalk Farm Road, Camden NW1 8AH
0207 424 0692

Le Rif

Located in South Tottenham, this place is nothing more than a café but the food is exceptional and really deserves to be measured by restaurant standards. The menu includes the usual sandwiches and paninis at lunchtime but head there in the evening to enjoy some wonderful North African and Mediterranean meals. The lemon fish tagine with spinach, potato, aubergine and olives is a signature dish. Alternatively, try the Couscous Royale which has succulent pieces of chicken and lamb in a harissa broth.

172 Seven Sisters Road N7 7PX
020 7263 1891

Bull and Last

Located on Highgate Road, Bull and Last is probably the best gastropub north of the river. There is plenty of meat on the menu and some delicacies, too, such as the duck hearts sautéed in sherry or crispy ear of pig in wonton. The home made charcuterie is definitely a reason to seek out the pub in its own right. However, as it gets busy, booking is advisable unless you are in a small group and prepared to eat early in the evening.

168 Highgate Road, London NW5 1QS
020 726 73641
Website: www.thebullandlast.co.uk

If you work in a popular North London business location like Islington, any one of these restaurants offer an easy and indulgent after-work option right outside your door.